Setbacks happen, but you only get derailed if you don’t have a plan. I’ve said this many times and I talk to clients on a regular basis, we never plan to fail, we just build a plan.

If you want to get better at something you have to measure it. In the same conversations I have with clients, we talk about goalsetting. You can use whatever form of goalsetting you want, but the goal has to be specific, measurable, and there has to be an end date.

Two of my favorite sayings from Dan John are,

“If it’s important to you do it every day.” “If it’s not important to you, don’t do it.”


“The goal is to keep the goal, the goal.”

In simplistic terms you have to control the controllables. If things are outside of your control don’t worry about them. I know it sounds really simple, it is. We get bound up in so many insignificant things, that it consumes our lives.

Don’t let setbacks derail you. If you have a plan in place with specific goals, and accountability measures in place to help you control the controllables, success is yours.

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Peri-Workout Nutrition

There’s been much discussion lately regarding Peri-Workout Nutrition(Fueling the body during workouts). Fueling the body during the workout is not only essential, it works. We all know that there must be fuel in the tank to make the vehicle run. But what is the best option? There is no replacement for a sound nutrition plan. Depending on your goals, this will drive what you should eat, but you have to have a plan. My recent Journey has shed some light on my personal nutrition and how I respond. One of my main goals was to lose weight and body fat. A secondary goal was to stay strong or maintain and improve my strength. With this, my main meal became my dinner. Partly because we sit down as a family most nights and it is a good time to refuel and catch up with my girls. Through my plan, I avoided pastas and heavy carbs and went with more fruits and vegetables. However, if I knew I was going to have a tough or long workout, I would throw in some oatmeal or extra carbs for breakfast. In all my workouts, I use a Pre, Peri and Post Workout Drink. RipStix Supplements to be exact.


There are many reasons to use Pre, During and Post Workout Recovery Nutrition. A couple popular supplements are Beta-Alanine and L-Arginine. Beta-alanine helps to buffer acid in muscles, increase physical performance and can aid in lean mass gain. Beta-alanine is a building block of Carnosine. Carnosine in an anti-oxidant and anti-aging compound. Win-Win. It might give you a little tingling sensation after taking it, but it is harmless. L-Arginine is an essential amino acid that assists with blood flow and nitric oxide levels. Balance if you will. In simple terms, we need to Fuel and Refuel our bodies in order to maximize and attain our performance goals.

There are many workout nutrition options out there and you have to make sure they are reputable and have a quality track record. I’d even make sure they were pharmaceutical grade, like Zija Products. As I’ve mentioned, I use RipStix Supplements for my workout nutrition to fill in the gaps between my normal meals.

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The Rack Position

The Rack Position is an important position in our Athletic Development and Strength and Conditioning Programs. It is the receiving position in the Hang and Power Clean, we Push Press out of this position and we Squat in various ways out of this position. Maintaining proper body position and alignment is essential. Remember, Elbow and Wrist Position. We can train many different movements to enhance the Rack Position, which in turn enhances our overall development.
• Press – Barbell, Single Arm or Double Kettlebell/Dumbbell Press or Push Press
• Squat – Front Squat, Single Arm or Double Racked Kettlebell Front Squat
• Hang /Power Clean

Thank you to Ashton, Maria, Madalyn and Alivia for assisting me.

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1st Step

The first step is always difficult. Maybe you haven’t worked out in years or you just fell off the exercise wagon for a while and are trying to get back into it. But if you never make the choice to take the first step, progress can never occur. Youll still be sitting in the same place just wondering.

Here’s a few things to think about:
• find a workout buddy
• set a workout routine(Time, Location, etc)
• set small goals with an end date
• pick one thing at a time to change

Success of taking your first step is all about accountability and behavioral change.

Are you interested in training with me? Click Here:

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Good Morning


As I continue to refine my programming, I recognize that there are no bad exercises. Just bad application of exercises. Over the last year, I’ve added Good Mornings back into my workout. Initially I was dealing with some low back discomfort, as many do. I wanted to focus on strengthening my posterior chain, especially glutes, hamstrings and low back. After a few weeks, and to this day, I have no low back discomfort.

Train Hard, Train Smart. #mvp #mvpstrong #determination #fatloss #1%Better #mcminnville #goodmorning #fitness #mvpperformancetraining

If you’re interested more about MVP Performance Training, check us out at

Full Video Here:

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Fat Loss

Over the last 6 month my workouts have focused mainly on strength improvement.  I pretty much ate and did whatever nutritionally as well.  At the end of December 2014 I had a physical check up.  Although most of my blood work was normal there were a few things to keep an eye on.  So, 6 weeks ago I decided to challenge myself.  At 206lbs and 24% Body Fat, I thought, What would it be like to weigh what I did when I was playing ball in college?  195lbs.  So I set at goal to weigh 195lbs and 14% Body Fat by 3/20/15.  I used the digital scale that I have at MVP to monitor my weight and a Omron Fat Loss Monitor to monitor my Body Fat %.  One of the keys that I wanted to do was to use the same measuring tools throughout this process.

As you can see, I still have work to do, but I met my weight goal and was within 2% of my Body Fat % Goal.  Maybe a few more metabolic sessions.  Ok, Not!

Just a few days ago I had my blood lipid levels rechecked.  All of my scores, including the ones that we were keeping an eye on, went down.

The Process

I have always said there is NO SECRET!  Just hard work and dedication.  I proved this to be correct. I don’t think it’s Rocket Science, however I did have a plan.

  • I ate Less.  When I did eat, It was Lean, Clean and Green(Other colors too).  I tried to keep the portion sizes down.
  • I trained more, some days twice.  Most weeks, everyday except Sundays.  I’d go upper body in the morning and lower body in the afternoon or total body strength in the morning and my kind of cardio(Tiger Tough) in the afternoon.
  • I didn’t count calories.  I just ate when I was hungry and after my workouts.
  • I filled in the gaps nutritionally with Zija and RipStix Supplenents.

I have never been much of a supplement taker.  Here and there at the best.  I have had countless individuals try at one point or another to get me to try the supplements that they use or sell.  “This supplement is the best you’ll ever have”, is usually the line they give.  Not interested.  Not until I met Jeff Pomeroy, my friend and client.  Over a year ago, he shared some products and once again, Not Interested.  Until now.  One of the major parts of this experience was my Zija experience.

Zija Nutritional Supplements

I’m not going to bore you with the details, if you’re more interested in what I’ve done and want to experience it for youself, give me a call.  971-241-7182.  I’m going to share with you exactly what I did on a daily basis.  And am still doing.  Some of the nutritional specifics, you can read for yourself.



Coffee-If you know me, you know I like it Hot, Leaded and None of that FooFoo stuff in it.

Oatmeal on occasion.  Rarely though.


RipStix Ignite

During Workout

RipStix Fuel


XM Protein

RipStix Recovery


As with all my other meals, I tried to keep the portion size down and Lean, Clean and as Green as possible.  On days that I was struggling, I drank some Daily Tea and took an XBurn.  This really made the difference to bit over eat.

Daily Tea



As a family, we try to sit down each evening and have dinner as a family.  I still tried to follow my rules, but I didn’t let that handcuff me into not enjoying  the meals that Heather makes.


1-2 times per week in the evening I used the Premium Tea to cleanse.  And believe me, it will clean you out in the morning.

My Takeaways

As the Wave in the MVP Logo signifies, we are always in pursuit of the “Perfect Something”. In this case, Fat Loss and Weight Loss.  As Dan John put it best, “The Goal is to keep the Goal, The Goal”. I’m still in pursuit and I might shoot for that high school playing weight, 185lbs.

  • Zija Products work!  I love the fact that they are all natural.  They have allowed me to fill in the nutritional gaps and given me the extra push I needed in all of my workouts.
  • All my blood lipid levels improved.
  • I looked forward to every workout.  Still do.
  • I feel amazing.  Training, sometimes, 2 or 3 times a day.
  • I sleep better.
  • I wake up refreshed
  • I’ve lost weight and body fat.  Who doesn’t want that.  Proof is in the pictures.
  • Last week I bench pressed 305lbs.
  • I squatted 365lbd.  Most since high school and my form is kick ass too.

I could go on, but the proof is in the results.  I lost weight, body fat, met my goal and best of all, my blood work got better.  Do you want that?  I’ll be honest… there is just one way to get the results you want.  That is to work your butt off and fill in the gaps.  I have a plan that works for me.

If you’re interested in getting your life back and living it to the fullest, give me a call.  I’m also hosting, MVP Fit In 15, where I will share all that I have done and more.

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20 LBS

I did part of my leg workout today with a 20 pound weight vest. It always amazes me when I add such a small load to my workout what the outcome is.

-Labored breathing
-increased pressure on my legs. Especially my knees
-Core tightness
-And I’m sure I could go on and on.

I can’t imagine what it would be like carrying 20, 30, 40 or more pounds than what I weight now. Even more reason to exercise daily, eat less, but more quality food and train your butt off.

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