Everything Works

Everything works for about 6 weeks, if you can stick with it. For the last few weeks, since I returned home from Salt Lake City and my visit with Dan John, I constantly reflect on the gems while I was there.

-The goal is to keep the goal the goal.

-If something is important you, do it every day.

-Fat Loss Happens On Mondays

As we all head into 2015, New goals and New Year’s resolutions will begin to pop up.  Here are a few pointers so that you accomplish your goals and meet your New Year’s resolutions.

-Write it down

-Do one thing at a time

-Do it every day

-Find an accountability/workout partner

-Hire a coach

Train Hard, Train Smart.

Cook Hip Lift

The Cook Hip Lift is an excellent hip mobility exercise.  We use it at MVP Performance Training in every warm up routine.

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Power of the Core

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t have a conversation with a student, athlete or client about the core. “Coach, How do I get that 6 Pack?” or “Coach, How do I get rid of that little jelly roll around my middle?”. “Coach, What’s the best Ab Exercises to do?” My conversation usually starts down the nutrition path, but that is for a later article. Today I’d like to talk about the core and a couple of my favorite exercises that I use with my students, athletes and clients. (94)

First, I’d like to share with you a Rule I picked up from Dan John. Dan was High School Track and Field/Strength Coach in Utah. I love Dan’s stuff because it is so simple. I recite this rule almost daily.

“If it’s important to you, do it everyday.” “If it’s not important to you, don’t do it.”

As you can imagine, there are many theories on how to train the core. As with anything, don’t let the pendulum swing too far from the center. My exercise selection is to train All the Core, All The Time. Whole Body approach if you will. The core is made up of many muscles. The hamstrings, psoas, adductors, abdominals, diaphragm and more. It isn’t just the rectus abdominus or 6 Pack, Beach, Muscles. The muscles of the core are designed to Prevent Flexion, Extension and Rotation. Decelerate motion if you like that better. For years we have misses the mark and trained the body in isolation and have created bad practices.

Diagonal Reach

Stir The Pot

Your Next 3 Exercises

As I think about programming, one of my main thought processes is, How can I challenge the Core in each and every exercise? All core, all the time. Keep in mind, the muscles of the core are not just the rectus abdominis. Think Global. Below are 3 exercises to add into your next workout routine. These are some of my HS young ladies that gave me permission to use their demonstrations.
½ Turkish Get Up
The Turkish get up is one of the main exercise I program in all my programs. I wrote a previous article on the form and technique of the Turkish get up. You can check it out Here. The ½ or seated position in the Turkish Get Up is a great variation to work on the bottom position of the full exercise. In the recent phase of our workout, we increased the weight and repetitions. 3 sets of 5 with a medium to intense weight selection.

Single Arm Dumbell Bench Press
The bench press is a mainstay in most strength and conditioning programs. The Single Arm Dumbbell Press is one of my favorite variations of the bench press. It challenges the core like no other. As the dumbbell descends, it will feel like you are going to fall off the bench. Without holding on to anything and using your core, resist that motion and press the dumbbell back to the starting position. Try it out. If you’re a bench press fan, You’ll love it!

Single Leg Squat
It is always amazing to me that many can squat with a ton of weight on their shoulders, but can’t do one single leg body weight squat. Don’t get me wrong, we still squat. However, as we move through life and athletics for that matter, we transition to a single leg. If we never gain control in a single leg pattern, bad things will inevitably happen. Not only is this an outstanding knee dominant pattern, it will challenge the core as well. You can even try loading it.